If you’re struggling to get by and need immediate access to cash, Thurston Woods Title Lender is ready to assist you. Whether it’s an unexpected medical emergency, a vehicle breakdown or some other big expense, you need cash now, and applying for title loans Milwaukee could be the answer. Many people with bad credit hesitate to apply for loans due to the fear of being rejected, but with a title loan, a vehicle is used as collateral. This allows people with a poor credit history to move forward with the loan process.

Here at Thurston Woods Title Lender, we offer title loans and other important financial services to the community. Our loan application process is simple, straightforward and free, helping you avoid any additional worries about upfront fees. Since there’s no risk to apply, you can fill out your application online and get the process started today. From there, you’ll have time to discover more about the loan process.

One of the requirements for title loans Milwaukee is income. Your income doesn’t have to come from a traditional job. Alimony or Social Security payments could count toward your income. We simply need to make sure that you have a plan for paying back your loan.

To apply for your title loan, you must be at least 18 years old. This isn’t usually an issue as few people under the age of 18 carry the title to a vehicle anyway. However, we will still need you to prove your age. You can do this by bringing in your government-issued ID card. You don’t necessarily have to possess a driver’s license to get a title loan. A regular state ID card or passport will also work.

You need to be a resident of Wisconsin to apply for title loans Milwaukee. If you’re in the process of moving to the state but have not yet completed your transition, you may need to apply for a title loan in your previous location.

You must hold the title to the vehicle you plan to use as collateral. If you received the vehicle from a parent or spouse, and the title remains in another name, your first step will be to get the title switched to your name. We can’t legally process a loan application if the title is held by another party. It’s also crucial that the title be free of liens. A vehicle with liens won’t have the equity required to provide collateral for your loan.


Are you ready to apply for title loans Milwaukee? If you need a financial boost to get you back on your feet, and you’re ready for the next step, fill out our easy online application to apply for your loan right now. After you begin the process, you can continue with the next step by setting up an appointment for a consultation with us. Our qualified loan specialists will go over your application, discuss the terms of the loan and get you the money you need as quickly as possible. We understand that you’re in a scary financial situation, and we always move through the process with a sense of urgency.

When you arrive for your consultation, be sure to bring:


Your vehicle title.


Proof of income.



How it Works

An important part of borrowing money is having the ability to pay it back. People with bad or poor credit don't have a way to demonstrate financial responsibility, so most lenders don't want to take any chances on them. A title loan allows a car to be used as collateral, reducing the risk for the lender and therefore allowing for the possibility of a loan.

There’s a common misconception that you will have to give up your vehicle while paying back the loan, but this isn’t the case. You can continue to drive your vehicle as you normally would. We simply hold the title in case you’re unable to pay the loan back in time. We always provide clients with a clear repayment schedule so there is no confusion over when the payments will be due.

The amount of money you’ll receive from your title loan is dependent on your income level and the value of your vehicle. An older vehicle won’t provide much of a loan, but if you need cash now, it might be better than nothing. A newer vehicle that is free of liens can get you a larger loan, but you will still need to have a steady stream of income to pay it back on time.

Here at Thurston Woods Title Lender, our goal is to get you through this rough financial time. Conveniently located in Milwaukee, we're dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making the process of getting a title loan easier on members of our community. If you're ready to apply for your loan, get started on your online application now. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.